Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNACKWITH™ Snack Boxes?

SNACKWITH™ is a snack-subscription service delivering a monthly curation of delicious, clean ingredient snacks directly to your home.
We are on a mission to change the way people snack because we believe that snacks can be delicious, inspire self-love, and promote food freedom. Our monthly subscription boxes that have the tastiest, feel-good options delivered straight to your door, so that you can find joy and simplicity in snacking!

Is SNACKWITH™ offered internationally?

At this time SNACKWITH™ is available in the US and Canada. Shipments to Canada have additional shipping fees.

May I order different variations of boxes, such as a gluten-free vegan box?

After you order your first box, you can complete a survey, and we will customize your next box based on your dietary preferences, food intolerances, and overall snacking preferences.

Do you have SNACKWITH™ boxes?

Yes!!! You can set up a subscription on the product page before you add to cart. SNACKWITH™ may offer various subscriptison types: including rebillable monthly subscriptions (“Month-to-Month Rebillable Subscriptions”); prepaid three, six or twelve month subscriptions (“Prepaid Subscriptions”); rebillable monthly subscriptions with a commitment of three months (“3-Month Subscription”), six months (“6-Month Subscription”) or twelve months (“12-Month Subscription”) (collectively “Monthly Subscriptions With Commitment”) and prepaid gift subscriptions of three, six or twelve months (“Gift Subscriptions”).

Can I customize my snack box?

After you place your first order, you can complete an online snacking quiz and express your dietary preferences, food intolerances, and overall snacking preferences. Based on your preferences, you will have an option to customize 1-5 snacks, depending on the size of your box, in your next order. Feel free to email us at [email protected]  to provide your customized preferences. For single purchases and for your first purchase, we cannot do customization. Customers have until the 15th of the month to customize their next box. For example, customers have until August 15th to customize their September box.

How do I change my shipping address?

You can change your delivery address at any time by either logging into your SNACKWITH™ Online Account or by sending us an email at [email protected] In order to affect a particular month's shipment, you must submit your address change prior to your next renewal billing for example, if you are looking to change the delivery address of July’s box, you must submit your address change by June 30th (before the 1st of the month). Address changes submitted on or after the 1st of the month will be effective the following month.

What do I do if my box or an item arrives damaged?

Sometimes shipping is not so nice to the boxes and so damage can occur. If an item in your box is opened, damaged or otherwise not usable please take a few pictures of A) The Item in Question and B) The Box Itself and email us at [email protected] A customer service representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours.

When do I receive my snack box?

All new orders placed on or before the 15th of a calendar month will be shipped by no later than mid-month the following calendar month. So a new order placed on May 10th will ship by no later than the middle of June. All following boxes will ship monthly thereafter. For tracking on your shipments please email us at [email protected]

Are there other surprises in the box or just snacks?

SNACKWITH™ is specifically designed to deliver primarily ready-to-eat snacks and may include one or more items including beverages and tasty new treats.

Does SNACKWITH™ have a corporate package for companies and employees?

Yes, please contact us at [email protected] for special packages for your company or employees.

How do I gift a SNACKWITH™ box?

You can easily gift SNACKWITH™ by selecting the Gift option on the site. Once purchased, both you and your recipient will receive a digital gift certificate code that is redeemable at any time.

Can I choose the shipping date?

At this time we do not have a delayed shipping option on our website.

What is your auto-renewal and cancellation policy?

Unless specified otherwise, all subscriptions will automatically renew on the 1st of the month or annually depending on your subscription plan. You may cancel your subscription after three months have passed by sending us an email at [email protected] or by logging into your account. In order to cancel your subscription you must email or cancel on your account your cancellation request at least 15 days before your next renewal billing charge (before the 1st of the month). For example, if you are on a monthly plan and do not want the August box, you must email in your cancellation request by June 15th (15 days before the 1st of the next month). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any returned boxes and there are no refunds for requests that come in after that date or mid-subscription.

Can I get a refund on a first time order if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, due to immediate product purchasing protocols, there are no refunds available.