Healthy Copy Cat Twix Bars

OMG! Okay these Twix bars are EVERYTHING. I always get so excited for Halloween, especially for the candy. Sounds so strange coming from a founder of a healthy snack box company, but it’s true! I love me some processed candy I admit it! The only negative is that I feel like shit afterwards. So, this Halloween I am making homemade versions of my favorite chocolate treats that I know wouldn’t make my body bloated or cause my skin to breakout. I will still eat my portion of Halloween candy but I won’t be fully dependent on it ya know?

ANYWAYS, when I tell you that these taste even better than the actual Twix bars… they really do!! I doubled the recipe below so I can have a stash in case I need a treat and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. However, my family thought the same thing and these bars didn’t last more than a couple days.

I used the recipe from Rachel’s Good Eats, linked here. I used used @onceagainnutbutter peanut butter and @nibmor dark chocolate. Both of these can be found in our snack boxes.

Enjoy this yummy treat! If you re-make these please tag @shopsnackwithsoph and we’ll show you some love!